[chirp_users] CHIRP for Android?

Milton Hywatt
Sun Apr 6 08:43:06 PDT 2014

Chirp works well on my 10" Dell Netbook 
and Windows XP all on a 7.5 gigabyte solid 
state hard drive. I picked mine up used for $75.
off Ebay. I use a USB mouse and keyboard if
I need a little bigger keyboard. Probably a good
way to go if you plan on using Chirp in the field. 

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If what you want is a small footprint computer running CHIRP to carry in a go box try a Raspberry Pi or a Beaglebone Black.  Both will fill the bill just fine.

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On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 8:11 AM, Rich Barstow <kc1bhr at barstow.cx> wrote:
>> Forgive me for asking, but I searched the last few months of mailing list
>> archives, both on the user and the dev side, without finding a roadmap or
>> references to an Android version.
>> Are there any plans?  If not, what's the best way to contact the developers
>> to discuss?
>> If yes, how can I offer assistance? (testing or coding)
>The reason you don't see it discussed here often is because it's in the FAQ.
>Some of the technical issues are listed here:
>Feel free to discuss a port of Chirp to Android, but realize that none
>of the GUI code is compatible. The underlying radio clone code should
>run fine on Android devices with serial ports. If you are an Android
>developer with some free time, you could make a few people happy by
>rewriting Chirp for Android.
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