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John, you won't necessarily get the yellow triangle of death
as the driver may be compatible with the cable but not with Chirp. 

In the case of a counterfeit Prolific 2303, you might get a yellow 
triangle, I don't know because I don't have a counterfeit. 

In any case the recommended Win7 driver build is 
That's what I use and have zero problems. 

One thing from Windows 7 is it will visit the Microsoft driver cloud
and look for a newer version even if you disable automatic updates.
Best thing is to retrofit the drive while disconnected from the 
internet. And tell the driver installer where to find the driver files. 

And keep the cable plugged in by all means to the same port. Each time
you move the cable to a different USB port Windows will reassign a COM
ports and probably try to update the driver. 


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There is nothing wrong with the version of CHIRP you are running.
When you say the driver is Up-to-Date, you have described the issue.
As mentioned, you need to Back Date your driver to Prolific
The driver and an short explanation as to why can be found at http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php
In device manager, if there is a yellow warning triangle under 'Ports' or 'Other Devices', 
you have an incompatible driver.
Please report back and let us know the result.
John K3NXU
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The latest driver that will work with Baofeng is for Windows 7. 
Go here and read the facts about your radio and cable. It will probably
get you sorted out: http://www.miklor.com/uv5r/


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Im running windows 7, version 0.3.1 of chirp. i have a baofeng uv5 with prolific chipped programming cord ,driver is up to date. I have downloaded the chirp program from the website. opened the program went to radio,  clicked to download from radio, that is when it is supposed to have a window asking what radio I have. This where there is no Window.
Russell MeredithKC9JAV 
Assit Emergency Coordinator 
Clark County Indiana

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