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Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
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If it's a Prolific PL 2303 this driver was reported to work on OSX
Mountain Lion 10.8.4, 64 or 32 bit. I thought I read that back a few 
weeks ago. 

Just had a look and it's in Spanish LOL. There are translators online
that should take care of that problem. 

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On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 10:14 AM, mats.g.roos at gmail.com <mats.g.roos at gmail.com> wrote:

Can't get Chirp to work, can anyone help?
>The problem is that when I connect the radio to the sync cable the radio goes into transmit mode and nothing can be done.  It looks like the pgm works but not the communication with radio, can you help?
>Also, I am using a MAC.

Hi Mats,

I'm not a MAC user. But I seem to remember reading in the UV-5R group that a MAC user had the same issue with the ratio going into transmit with the programming cable plugged into the radio. I believe the fix was to acquire and install the correct driver.

Like the drivers for the Windows PC, you have to install a particular driver to work the USB-to-Serial chips that are commonly used in the cheaper (but not always cheaper) programming cables. Check the CHIRP wiki. It has a recently updated list of driver sources that you should try.


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