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On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 10:14 AM, mats.g.roos at gmail.com <
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> Can't get Chirp to work, can anyone help?
> The problem is that when I connect the radio to the sync cable the radio
> goes into transmit mode and nothing can be done.  It looks like the pgm
> works but not the communication with radio, can you help?
> Also, I am using a MAC.
> Mats
Hi Mats,

I'm not a MAC user. But I seem to remember reading in the UV-5R group that
a MAC user had the same issue with the ratio going into transmit with the
programming cable plugged into the radio. I believe the fix was to acquire
and install the correct driver.

Like the drivers for the Windows PC, you have to install a particular
driver to work the USB-to-Serial chips that are commonly used in the
cheaper (but not always cheaper) programming cables. Check the CHIRP wiki.
It has a recently updated list of driver sources that you should try.

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