[chirp_users] CHIRP and IC-706MkIIG

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Tue Sep 10 08:48:01 PDT 2013

YPlog will program the memories OF A 706. I think it
is still available.

Stuart, GD0OUD
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  Correct, 706 is not programmable from a PC.

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  Would be nice but as far as i know the 706 cant be
  pc programed.

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  They have not set it up to work with the 706

  <list snipped> Thanks, Brad.  Confirms what I
  feared.  I had seen that list, but didn't know how
  old it was.

  Now to find something that does work with the 706.

  As for the 897, by the time I got things hooked up
  correctly, and used the correct sequence, just the
  reverse of the download, I got the file into the

  Darn good program, CHIRP!

  Grateful for it, and for the group's help/support.

  Peter KO6R

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