[chirp_users] Baffled by CHIRP

Peter Strauss ko6r at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 7 21:44:22 PDT 2013

Mike, Jim, Milton, DJJ Ring:
Thank you all for your responses to my plea for help.
I have been successful in creating the program on a flash drive, thanks to Jim; thanks to Mike, I went to another buddy's house and got the correct cord!  I'd been using the wrong cord, as it turns out.
So, it did seem to download.  However, it kept on being in the process of downloading, and nothing seemed to happen.  I'm wondering now how long it takes for that process to be complete.
But:  progress is definitely being made!
I'm grateful for the help, gentlemen.

Peter KO6R

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Hi Peter,

The FT-857 and FT-897 program through the 8 pin mini din CAT 
port. The  FT-7900 is programmed (cloned) through the 6 pin data 
jack. If you plugged the 6 pin cable into the 6 pin data jack 
you probably didn't hurt anything. If you tried to stuff it into 
the 8 pin CAT port, you could blow the CAT port fuse and or 
smoke the cable.

Mike kc9doa

On 7 Sep 2013 at 14:47, Peter Strauss wrote:

I'm a newbie to this group.

I just was loaned a cable that works perfectly for my friend who 
has an FT-7900.
I have an FT-897.

1.  Is there a problem with compatibility with the cable?  The 
indicator does glow red when I'm plugged into a USB port.
2.  I downloaded CHIRP to both my ubuntu 10.04 drive and my XP 
drive.  On the Ubuntu version, there is no option for FT-897.  
That's version 0.2.1.
On the XP drive, there is that option.  However, for both, I get 
an error on the radio after I've hit transmit.  On Ubuntu, I'm 
told that the header couldn't be read.  No message on the XP 
version, but no luck either -- same error shows up on the 
radio.  Now what?
3.  Tried to figure out how to get an updated version for 
Ubuntu, so that I could find the FT-897 listed.  Couldn't find 

Feeling like a total dummy at this point, and disappointed that 
I couldn't just plug it in and go for broke.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Peter KO6R

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