[chirp_users] IC-80AD - DR Mode Memories?

Stephen King frastephen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 22:15:04 PDT 2013

Greetings All!

I am new to CHIRP, but I was able to easily install the Mac software onto my MacBook and to install the driver to use the Icom OPC-478UC USB cloning cable.  I was then able to "Download From Radio" from my IC-80AD.  

The memories load fine.  However, the Repeater List does not appear ... so I do not see anywhere my DR mode settings ... which is critical to using the radio on D-Star.  Perhaps I am missing something?  I would really appreciate any help anyone can give, and if this was addressed previously I apologise in advance -- I did a manual search of the archive going back a year and did not see anything helpful.

One issue I did notice is that the IC-80AD is not in the list of models available (even though it is listed as a supported radio)  when you try to Download ... and the DETECT thinks it is an ID-80H .... not sure if that is meaningful or not.

I have tried this with both 0.3.1 AND the latest Daily Build ... no difference in results.

Any help????

Thanks in advance!

Peace and 73



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