[chirp_users] Call for community support to improve VX-3 and VX-6 support.

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Fri Oct 25 15:38:56 PDT 2013

> I have just completed adding complete support for VX-2 and FT-90 into CHIRP.
> As I have recently acquired a VX-3 and VX-6, I am currently looking into
> improving some of the features and support for these radios.

In case people aren't used to seeing Jens' name here, let me confirm
that he is an active developer, with many fixes and features added to
existing drivers, and one whole driver under his belt.

For information, see:




> Please help me by donating $5 towards my goal of $110.12 which covers
> the cost of the OEM programming cables and software which are needed to
> achieve this.

I just sent my donation to Jens to support this activity, and would
encourage any VX-6 or VX-3 users to do the same, if able. I own a VX-3,
but don't prioritize my development time for that driver. If you're
interested in better support for either of these radios, please
encourage Jens to maintain his interest :)

Thanks Jens!

Dan Smith

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