[chirp_users] UV-B5 Settings issue

Doug sailsfast at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 13:10:21 PDT 2013

So two issues.  I am using the latest Daily with 2 new B5s that work fine.

1 - I can download from the radio....  When I do the channel tab is
populated but the Settings tab is blank.  If I enable Developer mode I can
see data for the settings but I wouldn't want to edit it there.

2 - in the Memory (channels) tab their are 4 settings columns missing, BCL
Reverse Duplex PT ID and Compander missing.  That would mean that one would
need to select each channel and use the right click Edit function on each
channel individualy.

What am I doing wrong?



S/V Kerberos Corsair 28R #100
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