[chirp_users] Tim at Yaesu Tech Support warns against Chirp, recommends RT Systems products

Rob Campbell kg6hum at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 16:10:17 PDT 2013


That is interesting.  I would be curious about the cable you were using
when you programmed the VX-3R.  Also, how much of a speed difference was
there between RT Systems and chirp?

Rob Campbell

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Rick Farina <sidhayn at gmail.com> wrote:

> My VX-3r failed while chirp was programming it.  I thought at the time
> the battery level was too low and it just turned off but after plugging
> in and charging the battery I found the radio could no longer power on.
> I sent the radio into Yaesu saying what happened and asking them to fix
> it.  They replaced some tiny capacitor or something and sent the radio
> back fully functional.
> In my opinion, this was ENTIRELY coincidental, but I'm adding my story
> to the list because it is very possible Tim is talking about me.
> Personally, I don't see how one serial programmer could harm the radio
> any more than another, or how a serial programmer could harm the radio
> at all.  Fun fact, chirp is slower than the RT Systems software to
> program so clearly it isn't like we are overheating some component by
> talking to fast or anything stupid like that.
> -Rick WZ3RO Farina
> On 10/17/2013 06:02 PM, Charles Stillman wrote:
> > Tim at Yaesu tech support says that Chirp "burns out" EEPROMS on Yaesu
> radios. He says that results in the radios locking up. It was not clear
> whether he was saying that the EEPROM was destroyed or just programmed into
> a state that the radio would no longer work. I'm guessing that this might
> have been a problem during Chirp development and is no longer the case. I
> see that there are several steps involved in programming the Yaesu radios
> with Chirp. Does failure to follow the steps precisely create a risk to the
> usability of the radio? Sorry if this has been discussed before.
> >
> > Tim assures me that he makes no money by recommending RT Systems stuff.
> >
> > I sure appreciate the universality of Chirp.... support of multiple
> computing platforms (Mac in particular!), multiple radios! The value is
> huge since what holds back many beginners is the difficulty of programming
> in the channels!
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