[chirp_users] Motorola GM 300 Radius and Maxtrac

TexasSteven texassteven29 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 17 15:02:22 PDT 2013

Milton Hywatt wrote:

With a a 10% duty cycle I can hardly see any of these radios
as a repeater of any kind. There is Motorola software that runs
on XP but if you have a glitch while uploading the codeplug 
to the radio you will likely brick it. I think there is a Yahoo group
for these radio and if you join you can get the software I think it's
call Motorola Man. And probably get instructions to make a cable. 
If I remember the radio has an RJ45 connector and only two pins
are used. But you better do some research if you are consider buying
these radios. Just a friendly note from an old Motorola repair dude. 


I'm glad to get some feedback about those GM 300's. I was considering buying them to set up a repeater ( temporary ) to use. What if you don't run those radios with full power.?  I have a GE Master II  that has a maximin of 100 watts out ( to a dummy load) but I only set it up to 45-50 watts to a dummy load at the site when I had it up. Wouldn't it be ok to run half or one quarter of maximin power out those Motorola's?

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