[chirp_users] Baofeng uv-5r plus not able to read from

Dave Nathanson KG6ZJO at nathanson.org
Wed Oct 16 03:34:28 PDT 2013

Good news Tony.
It is just amazing (to me) how many problems are related to these USB to serial cables! 
After reading a bunch of cable stories, I bought good quality FTDI cables for myself, and skipped the whole issue. At the time I thought they were expensive at $20 bucks, but maybe good cables are actually cheaper after you consider the hidden costs of "cheap" cables; time & frustration, and in some cases the cost of another set of cables. 

Anyway, glad it worked out for you. 

 Dave Nathanson

On Oct 16, 2013, at 1:54 AM, Tony Cratz <cratz at hematite.com> wrote:

> On 10/10/2013 02:18 AM, Jim Unroe wrote:
>> If the above isn't the problem, then I would suspect that the
>> programming cable is bad and needs replaced.
>> Jim KC9HI
> 	I want to follow up on this thread I started. After trying to
> 	trim the orginal connector on the cable I had and trying it
> 	again, it failed.
> 	I did order a new cable which had on it the Baofeng name. It
> 	showed up Friday and last night I tried it.
> 	The cable worked with no problem what so ever. Which means the
> 	other cable I bought was bad. It was not the connector but the
> 	cable itself.
> 	Now that I have a good working cable I have been able to
> 	download from the radio and also upload to it with no problem.
> 	Chrip worked fine and I have already added some 70+ channels to
> 	my new UV-5R+.
> 								Tony
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