[chirp_users] UV-B6 : how to get into programming mode

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Hello Brad,

that worked. thanks!! 

> You need the Driver to work right and no there is not a key code
> sequence to program it with. Just hook up the cable to it. plug it into the
> usb. Load the software and tell it to read from the radio on the comport you
> have set for the cable. Then program it and save it then write back to the
> radio. It will take care of it all automatically.

> Brad NK8J

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> Hello ,

> totally new to this world, so hang with me a bit.

> i purchased the UV-B6 the other day. never could get the PL-2303 driver to
> work on Win7. the cd that came with the cable didn't only had drivers for XP
> & Vista. tried Vista driver too. downloaded   1.1.19 driver, that didn't
> work under Win7 either.

> so i fired up an old XP notebook, and poof, the XP PL driver installed and
> is working and i have Chirp installed on that machine too.

> i'm trying to initiate a download so i can create my first template. didn't
> even know to do that if i hadn't gone to this site:
> http://www.miklor.com/UVB5/UVB5-CHIRP.php

> of course now the Chirp sw is returning the radio didn't ack programming
> mode. my eyes just don't see anywhere in the manual that came with the UV-B6
> what key-combo? needed to put this unit in programming mode.

> is there like a wiki for "uv-b6 dummies" or something that would help me get
> started?

> tia

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