[chirp_users] FM Broadcast signal cliping or distortion

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 5 17:34:31 PDT 2013

Mine clips. And then if a channel becomes active besides the FM
channel you are listening to, when the channels then stops being active
the UV5x does a swoosh swoosh swoosh from the rx audio. You can 
get rid of that by pressing the FM button twice. Also you can stop the
distortion by going off channel then back using the channel encoder knob
or up/down buttons. This will clean the audio up but it will eventually 
return to being distorted. So you just repeat the process. 

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Subject: [chirp_users] FM Broadcast signal cliping or distortion

Hi Jim
Have you heard or have you personal experience 
of the Baofeng UV5XX clipping the FM signal or distorting in FM 
broadcast mode?
I still say your truly deserve an award for the "online" 
service you have and continue to provide to all of us. 
Bill Coulson W 6 S Q
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>My error gentlemen. Should have shown the radio as TYT-TH3R which is in  the drop down box of the program. As mentioned previously .. When I download  from the radio to the computer all appears well as the radio connects to the  computer, the light flashes on the radio when transferring data. However the  contents of the radio do no show on the "grid" display. The display shows  blank frequencies. There is a tab that shows on that screen something was  downloaded but I seem to be unable to figure out where. I am obviously doing  something wrong. 
>My suggestion now would be to provide us with a  debug.log after the download. It might give some insight as to what is  happening (or not happening).
>Jim KC9HI
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