[chirp_users] UV-B6 : howto get into programming mode

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
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Chirp has the ability to Query from the county you live in (if in the US) using
RepeaterBook. Follow the Radio --> Query Data Source --> RepeaterBook
menu path after download a blank template from the radio. Select your 
state and county and it will put everything into the template you need for
commercial, public safety, and amateur radio. You will certainly want to 
edit before uploading it to your radio. Have fun. 

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Hey Milton,

appreciate your reply. i found the link at Miklor for the correct drivers and the instructions on how to "update" win7 device error to the correct Prolific driver.

i was just about to return this cable to amazon and buy the 16.00usd one for Baofeng and a user ther had a link to the Miklor driver. weird how that "one" particular driver version is the one that works. 

anyways, i can now comm with the UV-B6 via the Chirp sw on Win7 64bit and downloaded my first template.

now to figure out what i need for my first image to upload.


> Most of the Baofeng and Wouxun do not need a programming mode. 

> And if the UV-6B follows tradition, the guts are likely very similar or identical

> to the UV-5R. And that radio does not need a programming mode. I have one UV-5R,

> two Wouxun UV-6D and two Anytone AT-5888UV none require a  programming mode.

> There are recommended drivers for Prolific based cables. You can find them at Miklor.

> Make sure you use them as they are tried and true. You may have trouble with other driver

> builds either earlier or later than what we all recommend. And make sure your cable is

> plugged firmly into the radio. That issue has come up from time to time. And when you

> unplug the cable. grasp the plug and stay away from the cable, they have been known to

> fail after awhile. Some external mics have a warning tag saying pull the plug only.

> But from my reading I'd say having the correct driver version is 99% of the problems

> people have. 

> Milton


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> Hello ,

> totally new to this world, so hang with me a bit.

> i purchased the UV-B6 the other day. never could get the PL-2303
> driver to work on Win7. the cd that came with the cable didn't only
> had drivers for XP & Vista. tried Vista driver too. downloaded  
> 1.1.19 driver, that didn't work under Win7 either.

> so i fired up an old XP notebook, and poof, the XP PL driver
> installed and is working and i have Chirp installed on that machine too.

> i'm trying to initiate a download so i can create my first
> template. didn't even know to do that if i hadn't gone to this site:
> http://www.miklor.com/UVB5/UVB5-CHIRP.php

> of course now the Chirp sw is returning the radio didn't ack
> programming mode. my eyes just don't see anywhere in the manual that
> came with the UV-B6 what key-combo? needed to put this unit in programming mode.

> is there like a wiki for "uv-b6 dummies" or something that would help me get started?

> tia

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