[chirp_users] UV-B6 : how to get into programming mode

Brad NK8J nk8j at juno.com
Fri Oct 4 19:34:17 PDT 2013

You need the Driver to work right and no there is not a key code
sequence to program it with. Just hook up the cable to it. plug it into the
usb. Load the software and tell it to read from the radio on the comport you
have set for the cable. Then program it and save it then write back to the
radio. It will take care of it all automatically.

Brad NK8J

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Hello ,

totally new to this world, so hang with me a bit.

i purchased the UV-B6 the other day. never could get the PL-2303 driver to
work on Win7. the cd that came with the cable didn't only had drivers for XP
& Vista. tried Vista driver too. downloaded   1.1.19 driver, that didn't
work under Win7 either.

so i fired up an old XP notebook, and poof, the XP PL driver installed and
is working and i have Chirp installed on that machine too.

i'm trying to initiate a download so i can create my first template. didn't
even know to do that if i hadn't gone to this site:

of course now the Chirp sw is returning the radio didn't ack programming
mode. my eyes just don't see anywhere in the manual that came with the UV-B6
what key-combo? needed to put this unit in programming mode.

is there like a wiki for "uv-b6 dummies" or something that would help me get


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