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Hello Marco,

Thank you very much for this quick answer! Grazie mille (-;  (We spent this
years summer holiday in Lecco)

I read that part of the manual (page 118) some weeks ago, but I didn't link
it to my current problem today....
I'm going to try it this weekend.

73 de PA2AR (Antoon).

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Hi Antoon
the correct operation sequence to download from ft857 is:
- switch on the radio while pressing both <- > buttons to push it to
clone mode
- prepare chirp for download selecting menu Radio - download from radio
and setting the com port and radio type then press OK
- start send on the radio pressing C button
download (should) then start immediately and both radio and chirp show
the operation via a progress bar.

For upload the sequence is:
- switch on the radio while pressing both <- > buttons to push it to
clone mode
- prepare chirp for upload selecting menu Radio - Upload to radio and
setting the com port (do not press Ok yet)
- start receive on the radio pressing A button
- press Ok in chirp dialog to start upload

You can find some info on the clone procedure at the end of ft857
manual, chirp simulate the second radio: the receiving one when you
download and the transmitting one when you upload.

I also must destroy the myth that the CAT speed have to be set in any
way: in clone the ft857 the serial communication always take place at
9600 and there's no menu that can influence the protocol in any way.

73 de IZ3GME Marco

On 04/10/2013 10:20, Antoon Rubbens wrote:
> This question must have been asked a million times already, but as I'm a
> new HAM in the Netherlands (since last Monday), I ask it one more time.
> I have a Yaesu FT-857D (US model) and a cheap Chinese USB cable that I
> bought from Ebay.
> I have insalled HamRadioDeluxe and this program can communicate with the
> radio over COM3. The cable is recognized as USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM3) in
> Win7.
> Now I installed CHIRP and I get the error 'Failed to communicate with
> radio: Unable to read block 00 expected 4 got 0'
> I searched the internet and found some hints:
> - Press the send button on the radio after clicking OK in CHIRP (I
> wondered what is 'the send button'? This radio has a million buttons)
> - Press the A button under the screen after cliking OK in CHIRP (the A
> button has manny functions on the 857, so which menu should be selected)
> - Set the CAT speed to 9600bps (did that)
> So basically the question is which menu I should select before pressing
> the A button. Or a step by step for the FT-857D is also welcome.
> Thanks for your help!
> Antoon (PA2AR).
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