[chirp_users] "radio did not respond"

Madison Jones
Tue May 28 20:59:37 PDT 2013

I am a new user to the Baofeng F-11 so I might not be getting things
correct, though I have reinstalled the cloning cable driver [it is on Com 3]
using the Win7 procedure outlined by Wouxun and reinstalled Chirp.  


When I initially obtained the radio, I pulled up the stock channel program,
changed it around a little and uploaded it to the radio using Chirp.  A few
days later I  manually programmed several of the memories and deleted most
of the stock memories.


Now, when going to the Radio tab on the Chirp software and attempting to
Download from Radio, I get an error message which says "radio did not
respond."  I get the same error message when attempting to upload to the
radio from Chirp.  Suggestions?


Madison Jones


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