[chirp_users] FT-8800: Success, but another question!

Dan Smith
Mon May 27 14:03:34 PDT 2013

> Managed to get a file uploaded to the FT-8800, with complete success
> -- except for one little thing: how do I get the RIGHT side of the
> radio uploaded? (For those who don't have the 8800, the left and
> right side of the radio have completely separate memories; you can't
> even copy between them in the radio.)

They're all uploaded and downloaded at the same time, in a single
memory image. When you open (or download) an image, you'll see two tabs
along the top (in 0.3.1, or along the left side on a recent version) for
the two bands. Make changes to either/both and then an upload will
include both sets.

Dan Smith
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