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understand what you are saying.however, these units were purchased and maintained by the one and  only local two way shop.
they claim that no fudging is possible with these units, and our only recourse is to buy new units, at a cost of about $150.00  per.
they will not give me the details of the tone system.  sounds like a simple two tone touch tone signal.
the software for the radio control system comes from another source, and cannot get them to reveal anything either
ALUGODUS         all you gotta do is

thanks for reply

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 Using a wideband receiver (as in the pager) to try to receive a narrow band 
ignal ( new system) the audio will be weaker.  You can try to modify 
he pagers to increase the audio going to the tone decode chip.  Either changing 
 resistor or a trim pot might work to increase the audio going to the decode 
hip.  Good luck.
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hanks. would appreciate any help possible. with the advent of narrow banding, 
ll our pagers will not work. we are paged out by the sheriffs department over a 
ublic government channel using the dtmf codes. have already explored their 
ending either a different pl tone, or a dcs signal, but their system is not 
f doing either. for the price of a handfull of pagers, could equip the entire 
epartment with these units, and gain a talk around radio.
not sure what an Arduino sketch is
73 jim studer kf8sj
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