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thanks.  would appreciate any help possible.  with the advent of narrow banding, all our pagers will not work.  we are paged out by the sheriffs department over a public government channel using the dtmf codes.  have already explored their sending either a different pl tone, or a dcs signal, but their system is not capable
of doing either.  for the price of a handfull of pagers, could equip the entire department with these units, and gain a talk around radio.

not sure what an Arduino sketch is

73   jim studer  kf8sj

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Not implemented on the radio firmware. I have an Arduino sketch that may help, I'll send it tomorrow 
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i have need to use this radio as an alert pager for local vol. fire dept.  see where to enable dtmf on transmit, but no  capability to do so on receive.  is this possible, and/or am i missing something in the programming.
basically need to receive only one tone.
thanks for help.   jim  kf8sj

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