[chirp_users] Serial Cable Required?

Jim Unroe
Fri May 24 17:04:59 PDT 2013

On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Richard Dillman <ddillman at igc.org> wrote:

> I hope the CHIRP brain trust will forgive this most basic question from a
> new member:
> Is a serial programming cable required for use with CHIRP?
> I see that the logo is a DB9 connector and the program allows only a COM1
> setting but I thought I'd ask anyway since I have only the USB cable for my
> Baofeng UV-5RA.
> Can anyone recommend a source for a serial programming cable for the
> UV-5RA?
> Richard,

At least with Windows, CHIRP support COM1 to COM256.

The important thing is to have the correct driver installed for the
USB-to-Serial chip inside the cable. The lower cost programming cables
require a specific older driver version to be able to function properly.
Visit the Miklor.com website for instructions for getting the correct
driver and how to install it properly. That will get up up and running
quicker so you can start enjoying CHIRP sooner.

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