[chirp_users] Kenwood TH-F6A issues

Michael David
Wed May 22 20:51:49 PDT 2013


I just recently picked up a TH-F6A and love chirp!  However, I've got a few issues:

1) Entering Live mode.

With the radio in PC mode, sometimes I can't get it to download / enter live 
mode.. but it's flaky. I have fewer issues with 0.3.1 stable and 20130510 than I do 
with the newer dailies. When it fails, the screen stays empty after initiating download, 
and then if I try again, it says access denied and I have to quit the program.

2) Tune Step on Import.

A friend took time to put various freqs into CHIRP for his UV-5R and sent me a copy of 
his file. The file includes frequencies that do not land on a 5kHz step, for example FRS 
frequencies. The file from the UV-5R does not include a tune step field, while the 
Kenwood TH-F6A has a tune step field.

If entering one of those frequencies into Chirp individually, setting a frequency that doesn't
fall on a step will return error 93 "radio refused". However, if by import, the import screen
doesn't realize it would be a problem entry and gray it out. When the import runs, the 
affected channels are skipped quickly (while successfully programmed channels are 
programmed at a slower pace.)
For successful imports, the tune step is defaulted to 5kHz. A workaround could be to 
take Freq in MHz and divide by .005 and see if (floor(freq) != freq) then default the tune 
step to 6.25, or otherwise calculate it.

3) Mode on import:

NFM is specified for some entries in the UV-5R file. The Kenwood does have an FMN 
mode though. If NFM could be mapped to FM at the user's discretion, that would be useful
rather than kicking it out.

… and that's it!

Thanks again for a fantastic tool that works with so many radios! Import/export FTW!


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