[chirp_users] Kenwood TM-D710 problems... Fixed...

Ross Primrose N4RP
Wed May 22 11:41:14 PDT 2013

Never mind...  Have to use the PC connection on the back of the main 
body, not the one on the control head....

73, Ross N4RP

On 5/22/2013 2:33 PM, Ross Primrose N4RP wrote:
> I can't connect to my TM-D710. If I select Kenwood & Detect, it says
> Unsupported Model TM-D710P, if I select Kenwood & tell it I have a
> TM-D710, it just goes back to a blank Chirp page...
> Ideas?
> 73, Ross N4RP

FCC Section 97.313(a) “At all times, an amateur station must use the minimum transmitter power necessary to carry out the desired communications.”

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