[chirp_users] Icom IC-V80 compatibility question

Dan Smith
Tue May 7 16:07:54 PDT 2013

> Model_Support.html is the definitive list. It is generated
> automatically from the source code based on what Chirp itself thinks
> it supports. This means it's much less susceptible to errors and
> omissions than the list on the home page. So yes, Chirp supports your
> V80. I'll update the wiki.

Hrm, hang on. In my tree, chirp/icv80.py shows as not committed to
mercurial, and there are large chunks of the code commented out (such
as tone-related bits and what not).

It's got my copyright on it, from 2011, but I honestly don't remember
working on it. Perhaps I forgot to finish it?

I believe the reason that it's in the Model_Support.html is because
it's in my local tree (and that's where I generated the support file
for the last release). It shouldn't be in any of the actual builds

Anyone willing to give the uncommitted file a shot to see if it's close?

Dan Smith
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