[chirp_users] Desktop icon

Dan Smith
Sat May 4 13:44:59 PDT 2013

Hi Marty,

> I have wondered about where and what file is the icon for the app?
> I have created a launcher as I have done before but don't now have
> the icon for Chirp. I actually am not real sure if it is in the
> correct place either. I got on the Chirp web site and followed the
> instructions for setting up the PPA but didn't see anything on the
> desktop, so I created one after finding what looks like the App in I
> think /usr/share sub directories. Is this correct or is there a
> better way?

You've not told us what version of linux you're running or what desktop
environment you are in. That makes it hard to help you. However, the
process for getting a launcher built on your system is really a
linux-usage question and not CHIRP-specific.

Dan Smith
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