[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-X4: A-OK

David Brunner
Thu May 2 20:05:14 PDT 2013

Hi All;

I bought this little radio last summer at the hamfest in Plano, TX along
with the Windows software and the Prolific programming cable. I initially
installed the software on an old Windows Vista machine and programmed a
number of frequencies without a problem. I recently got around to
installing it on a newish Win7-64 box and had to do quite a lot of mucking
with it to get the USB stuff working, but finally had success. I then
downloaded Chirp (daily build) and it read the radio with no problem at all
(as the UV-3R). So then I thought I would give Chirp a whirl on my Linux
Mint Debian x64 laptop. Installed via Synaptic and it worked the first time
without a hiccup. Woohoo! I had to run it as root (easily fixed, betcha)
and it also saw the radio as a UV-3R. Now for my Kenwood TM-G707A's....

Very impressed! You guys are awesome!

David / KE0AZ
Aurora, CO (DM79)
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