[chirp_users] FTDI USB Cables with non-default IDs (RT Systems, etc.)

Robert Terzi rct at r-t.org
Wed Mar 27 09:17:31 PDT 2013

I added a page to the wiki with information on using FTDI cables that
have been modified to use a non-default (proprietary) ID such as those
from RT Systems.


It can still use some work.  In particular, I wasn't able to use NQ1E's
trick under Windows XP to get it to use the FTDI VCP driver without
touching the .inf files.  The procedure does work under Windows 7
and possibly other versions.  (The difference is that while both Windows 7
and XP detect that the cable ID doesn't match what's in the .inf file,
Windows XP won't let you update the driver, Windows 7 will warn you but
let you click through to proceed.)

The only way I was able to get the RT Systems cable to show up as a COM
port under Windows XP was to create a custom .inf file using FTDI's
utility for making .infs.   If anyone has a better way, I'd be interested in it.

While I was adding the link for this page, I couldn't resist doing some editing
of the main cable guide page:


Comments and corrections welcome.

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