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These kind folks at CHIRP need a radio for some period of time to download the files, study them, make changes to their program and then test the results.  Since they do this all by donation there is no way that they can afford to purchase one of everything and then all of the revisions of each radio. As long as radios are programmed in a non defined standard all they can do is "reverse engineer" a typical unit.
If you and enough others would like the Elecraft line included somebody will have to step up and ship a unit on a short vacation.

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I am almost afraid to ask but looking through the previous years mailing lists... I didn't see any discussion of this.   Also looking at the roadmap did not see any mention either.  So does Chirp have any plans on supporting the Elecraft products in the future ?  Such as K3,  KX3 or K2 ?


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