[chirp_users] VX-6R Problems

Brad Rupp bradrupp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 22:18:44 PDT 2013

On 3/12/2013 9:57 AM, Tom Hayward wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 10:41 PM, Brad Rupp <bradrupp at gmail.com> wre:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to use Chirp to program my Yaesu VX-6R HT.  I have two
>> problems with the VX-6R.
>> 1) I cannot import a CSV file to my VX-6R image in Chirp.  When I try to
>> import the CSV, it appears to succeed, but none of the new memory
>> locations are put into the image file.  Note, I have 24 memories in the
>> image and am trying to import 100+ memories that exist in various ranges
>> (1-24, 200-250, 300-325, etc.) in the CSV.
>> 2) When I write the memories to the the VX-6R, the memories are all
>> unmasked (hidden) except the memories that existed before the write.  If
>> I manually mask (show) the memories and then use Chirp to write the
>> memories again, they revert back to being unmasked (hidden).  I know the
>> new memories are there.  I just can't see them.
> I can't tell if you're just having trouble understanding what you're
> seeing, or if there is a bug. There is no such thing as "unmasked
> (hidden)". When a memory is masked, is shows gray in Chirp and cannot
> be recalled on the VX6. Normal memories are "unmasked" and can be
> recalled on the VX6. You are using the terms opposite of what they
> mean. When you delete an active memory in Chirp, it first masks it
> (appears in gray), then if deleted again will completely erase the
> channel. Editing a gray/masked channel will return it to active.
When I used the terms masked and unmasked, I am referring to the radio 
and the way Yaesu uses the terms.  Yes, your are correct, I reversed the 

I cannot see the uploaded memory locations on the radio.  They appear to 
be uploaded and hidden.  When I make the memory location visible in the 
radio, I can see what Chirp uploaded.  I have to change every memory 
location on the radio that I uploaded to make it visible.  On the next 
upload from Chirp, the memories are back to being hidden.

> When you make changes on the VX6 and download into Chirp, you will see
> what is currently on the radio. Chirp will not modify this, except for
> the individual memories you choose to modify (i.e., changing the alpha
> tag on channel 24 will only modify channel 24). Now upload from Chirp
> back to the radio and channel 24 will have the new alpha tag, but
> every other detail--including masked memories, VFO frequency,
> etc.--will be exactly the same as when you started.
> Will you submit a bug report for this? Include your .img file and
> debug.log so that I can make sure we're on the same page.

Done.  Two bugs created:


> http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/issues/new
> Tom KD7LXL
> P.S. I modified the programming on a family member's VX6 a few weeks
> ago and don't recall anything funny happening, but unfortunately I
> don't still have access to that radio to test.

Chirp is working fine for my Kenwood radio.  VX-6 Commander also has the 
same problem with my VX-6R as Chirp, so I figure something is strange 
with my radio (or I am doing something completely stupid).  I bought my 
radio new and have done no mods to it.

I am a software developer so I can help debug/troubleshoot this.  Just 
tell me what you need.

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