[chirp_users] Loading repeater info for Central Florida

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Mar 11 10:43:58 PDT 2013

My XP laptop was so bad after the changes suggested that it would run extremely slowly and 
could not even run Firefox or Internet Explorer any more.  It was just freezing up. I could not 
get it to do a system restore either. What a mess it was in. He he. You have to love this 
technology stuff!
After four days of severe problems with this laptop, I finally REMOVED Service Pack 3,
Removed Chirp, and bought FTBasicMMO. The problem is now solved. Now I am ready to 
program memories into the FT857D when it arrives in a few days.

73 to all who tried to help.

Bry AF4K

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Awesome... wish Grant lived near me (grin!)

On 8 Mar 2013 at 13:52, Grant Hopper wrote:

Amen to that Dan! 

I just helped my father start using CHIRP. He had a lot of trouble on his older XP system. 
Seemed that the driver for talking to his Kenwood handheld had 'gone wonky'. After cleaning 
up the mess of other software issues on that machine, I was able to reinstall the driver and 
everything started working together nicely. Interestingly, even with the 'wonky' driver, he was 
able to use the Kenwood software (which I considered odd) so he wanted to blame it on 
CHIRP. I used it as a teachable moment about drivers and the 'hardware device manager' (it 
had the cute little yellow question mark next to the usb device for the HT....) Now he can use 
CHIRP to program his HT, his new mobile, and his HF+ home station. He's a happy ham!

FWIW, I continue to be amazed at the incremental improvements in CHIRP. I'm using an 
older build at home (if it's not broke 'don't fix it') but the latest one that Dad had installed had 
some nice improvements. Thank you for continuing to support and improve such a universal 
and useful tool for hams everywhere!

Grant Hopper

    The problem is, your system libraries (DLLs) could be out of whack for
    a million reasons, and it's really hard for us to diagnose it remotely
    for you. The applications you have that _do_ work properly are either
    targeting a much older system in order to be safe, or are shipping new
    libraries (compounding the ones you currently have on your system) to
    avoid any such issue. Unfortunately, I can't do that in chirp for
    various technical, legal and cost reasons. That said, I hope you will
    stick it out a bit longer and/or try another machine before you give up.
    Dan Smith
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