[chirp_users] Loading repeater info for Central Florida

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Fri Mar 8 06:31:53 PST 2013

> Chirp still will not work. I get the same error as before. Chirp says
> that it is not configured right!

I know it seems like chirp is giving you that error, but in fact,
_Windows_ is giving you that error because it can't even _start_ chirp.

> I am not sure how it can be configured wrong since it doesn't even
> start up. I get the same error as before. I appreciate everyone
> trying to heklp me, but this just sin;t working out well at all.  Now
> the laptop is fairly hosed and almost nothing runs properly anymore.
> It's super slow to boot or draw icons, and the mouse ponter will
> sometimes disappear and the CTRL-AL-DEL fails.

Hosed because you installed Microsoft's service pack? Yeah, something
was really wrong on this machine to begin with :)

> I guess I could try Chirp on one of my newer WIndows 7 systems and
> see if it plays better. Looks like a lot of XP users might be shut
> out of Chirp. Maybe I was just unlucky?

Not unlucky, but definitely in the minority. It's hard to explain the
details of this problem, and I understand that it surely looks like
CHIRP's fault here.

The problem is, your system libraries (DLLs) could be out of whack for
a million reasons, and it's really hard for us to diagnose it remotely
for you. The applications you have that _do_ work properly are either
targeting a much older system in order to be safe, or are shipping new
libraries (compounding the ones you currently have on your system) to
avoid any such issue. Unfortunately, I can't do that in chirp for
various technical, legal and cost reasons. That said, I hope you will
stick it out a bit longer and/or try another machine before you give up.
Dan Smith
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