[chirp_users] Yaesu FT-7900 R/E question Humanality

Stephen Black kb1chu at aol.com
Wed Mar 6 19:19:50 PST 2013

On 3/6/2013 8:54 PM, ALAN wrote:
> Please, let this one person not deter us, from Thanking those who made 
> this wonderful blessing of a program possible. I also salute those 
> that will stand up to be counted, and stop the none sense.
>  NEXT, Has anyone tried using the program with the Puxing PX-2R ????? 
> Thats my next old radio get working with the program.
> Alan
I have had the opportunity to use this fine program with the PX-2R and 
it worked fine.  I also had the chance to see how quickly Dan and his 
cohorts used my radio and returned it to me after reverse engineering it 
to write the PX-2R version. I asked to have the radio included and they 
did it. What more can you ask for! Steve KB1CHU

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