[chirp_users] CHIRP and ICOM W32A

John Randle john.randle at tds.net
Sat Mar 2 19:44:38 PST 2013

I am trying to use the latest daily build of CHIRP and my USB cable for 
my BAOFENG UV-5R (which works beautifully with CHIRP) to download the 
programming from an ICOM W32A HT.  Is there any special configuration at 
the radio that CHIRP is expecting (aside from just turning it on) as I 
keep getting CHIRP telling me that there was no response from the radio. 
I have tried putting the W32A into the clone mode .. and it seems to 
transmit data .. but CHIRP is not getting it.
Thanks in advance..
73's de K9RSQ

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