[chirp_users] able to save "out of original range" memos

André Berger anbes at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 1 18:48:20 PST 2013

You`re doing a great job, really amazing. But I am still missing the possibility to add "out of range" into memo sheet, since chirp can "unlock", I mean, CHIRP can allow me to set up my Baofeng range from 1mhz to 1000mhz! I know many of you Are going to ask? Why? Well, I could tune, as previsouly said, some frequences low then 136mhz and I am still able to tune 4 freqeuncies around 980mhz loud and clear. Even if it is a "harmonic" interference, I couldn`nt find the original "tone". So, only in 983Mhz I can hear what is int this freq. as I posted one video. To add this memo I have to launch windows (in my mac), run the VIP software (that is not "unlocking" my device, I mean, VIp is not allowing me to set up out of original range frequences, as it used to do with some models, but...) that reconizes my "unlocked baofeng" ant let me add those memos!

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