[chirp_users] Windows surface and Chrip

Brad NK8J nk8j at juno.com
Mon Jul 29 10:56:15 PDT 2013

Unless you're running Windows 7, 8. I do not think you will.  I believe you
are running Windows RT Op System. Which is not compatible. 

Brad NK8J

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Hello all:
Old user,new list user. My question is can/ does anyone run Chrip on a
windows surface tablet? It has a USB port and does all the stuff you want a
computer to do so....What I am doing is traveling and wanted Chrip on my
mobile device so I can upload to my HT on the fly. Oh when I try to install
it on the device it says it can't and try a app. WTF, iTunes can install
either, they should tell u before u buy it is limited on what u can install.
Figures Microsoft.  

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