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> Which driver did you end up with?
> 73 Angelo N2DYN
A little over a year ago, I did quite a bit of research using MS Windows 7
64-bit and a programming cable containing an unauthorized copy of a
Prolific USB-to-serial chip. What I did was to install and try every
Prolific driver version that I could find. What I found is that the newest
driver that you can successfully install is Prolific v3.3.2.105. Any newer
version than that and the driver will detect the unauthorized chip and
refuse to work.

CHIRP and the Prolific v3.3.2.105 driver worked fine together. But if you
are also using other programming software along with CHIRP (the Baofeng
software written in VB6, for example), then there can still be
compatibility issues with this driver. For me, the Baofeng software would
not launch with the v3.3.2.105 driver installed. I found that to be
compatible with the chip in the cable and the VB6 software, I had to fall
back to the Prolific v3.2.0.0 driver.

The v3.2.0.0 driver is a MS Windows Vista driver, but it is being
successfully used for Windows 7 and 8. So this is the Prolific driver
version that I recommend. The important thing is to not let the OS
automatically update the driver to the latest available version.

I've been told that the driver of choice for MS Windows XP is Prolific
v2.0.2.1. I've not tested drivers for XP like I have for 7, but this is the
driver that I installed and use on my XP machine.

Links to these drivers are available on the "Drivers and USB Cables" page
of the Miklor.com website.

Since then, I've acquired programming cables with a genuine Prolific chip,
an FTDI chip and even made my own cable using a module containing Silicon
Labs CP2102 chip. So I have multiple ways of avoiding the counterfeit
Prolific chip issue. I still keep the v3.2.0.0 driver handy, though.

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