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> Sorry for asking this if it has been asked and answered...
> I have recently gotten my Technician License and Call Sign (KD0WEH) and
> have now purchased a cheap (inexpensive) handheld to get started with.
> I purchased the software and programming cable as well and have not bee
> able to get it read my radio. So, now I’m trying Chirp and am having the
> same problem. I’ve tried changing from Com3 to Com4 but that didn’t help.
> I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing. That didn’t help. Ideas of where
> to turn for help figuring this out? I could take it to someone and have
> them program it but then I wouldn’t learn how to do it myself...
> Thanks in advance.
Hi Duane,

Welcome to the hobby. I assume that you are using Windows.

Since you have a problem with both software packages, I would expect the
programming cable/driver to be the problem (it usually is). You shouldn't
be guessing at the COM port. You be able to determine it from Device

I would recommend that you visit the Miklor.com website and, in particular,
look at the Drivers & USB Cables page. It will help you determine if you
have correct driver, provide a link for one if you don't and then guide you
through the installation process.

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