[chirp_users] uv5replus-vfo/mr disable?

N4AOF n4aof.tom at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 06:31:21 PDT 2013

It is hard to make ANY radio "goof proof"

Since you already have the UV-5RE+ model I won't point out that there are 
better choices for that particular characteristic.

While you can't disable the VFO/MR button, you can disable the VFO by 
setting the lower frequency limit higher than the upper frequency limit.

By the way, you would generally have more luck asking BaoFeng radio 
questions on a mail list for the radio instead of a list for the Chirp 
software.  Try the UV-5R group on Yahoo at 

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From: kf8sj at aol.com

trying to make it goof proof.  is there any way to disable the vfo/mr 
have figured out how to disable  menu--which helps.
have  6 on hand, and programming as 2 channel radios.


73  jim  kf8sj

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