[chirp_users] CHIRP - support for ICOM IC-2300H

John W. jl_wilkerson at att.net
Mon Jul 8 14:48:56 PDT 2013

Dunno.. someone has been interested in supplying a Puxing PX-888K to the developers; but there has been no response.  May be hard to get  the process started.

 From: Jim MacKenzie <jim at photojim.ca>
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Subject: [chirp_users] CHIRP - support for ICOM IC-2300H


I've really been enjoying CHIRP - I started using it a few weeks before I
got my callsign in April.  It's made programming my HTs and one of my mobile
rigs a real pleasure.

I've now acquired a couple of mobile rigs - one, an ICOM IC-2100H which
CHIRP supports well, and the other, the IC-2300H which it doesn't seem to
support at all.  What's the process to register interest in getting a radio
supported?  Obviously since I own it, as well as three other radios that
CHIRP does support, I'd be willing to help out in the process if I can.


Jim / VE5EIS

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