[chirp_users] Fedora Linux RPMs for the latest chirp-daily build are now available

Mike Heitmann n0so at att.net
Sun Jan 20 13:31:50 PST 2013


Fedora Linux RPMs for the latest chirp-daily build are now available in the KK7DS Ham-Apps yum repository. To add the repository as a software source, please follow these instructions:

For those who don't wish to use the repository, or who may want to build from source themselves the RPMs are available for download here:


Fedora Users NOTE: Fedora 18 was released a few days ago. Fedora 18 RPMs are not in the KK7DS repository yet. Once we get fully switched over to the new release the builds going into the repository will become Fedora 18 builds. For now, you can get Fedora 18 RPMs here:


The Fedora 18 RPMs will not be updated as frequently as the "daily" until we get fully switched over, because that build process is not automated.

For more information about Fedora 18, check out the Fedora Project website:

FYI: Fedora 18 RPMs for D-RATS are also in the same folder on the N0SO website:

Another NOTE: Each time an announcement for a new chirp daily build is sent, the Fedora Linux binary RPM for that build should be available in the KK7DS repository within a few hours. Once in a while we have "snafu" that interferes with that automatic process, but for the most part you can count on the latest daily build being in the repository. I stopped sending an announcement to the list for each build to avoid it being considered SPAM. 

Enjoy and  73,
Mike, N0SO

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