[chirp_users] help with my ID-880H

Danny Pease dpease at adams.net
Mon Jan 7 17:35:13 PST 2013

Thanks Mike,

I have not had any issue programming with the Icom software, just Chirp.
Does the radio have to be set differently for Chirp than for the Icom 880
programming software?

My radio is set up for GPS transmissions when in DV mode, but no matter what
mode the 880 is in, Chirp does not communicate with it. I even went in and
disabled GPS and tried again, no luck.

Danny NG9R

I recently aquired an 880H and have had no trouble programming it or sending

slow speed data with it via the data port, as long as it's not in GPS mode.

I've never tried it through the speaker jack.

Mike, N0SO

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I have not been able to get Chirp to recognize my ID-880H using the data
port. Has anyone else got this to work or are all using the speaker jack and
a level converter? I am using one of the latest daily builds and Win7.

I am using a homebrew RS-232 cable that works fine with the Icon ID-880H


Danny NG9R

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