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Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Jan 7 14:36:17 PST 2013

Hi Bob,

> UV-5R. Firmware 293.   Using the same USB drivers as Michael. Dev Mgr
> shows no problem.  I tried 2 different recent CHIRP dailies with the
> same results.  CHIRP installed fine. Set com port correctly to COM4.
> Tried to read the radio and CHIRP hangs with no progress.  After 10
> minutes or more, try to exit CHIRP and XP re-boots with no error
> messages, just black screen and re-boot.   Two different CHIRP loads
> and two different UV-5R radios.  Same results.

I know it's hard to believe that when you push one button and see one
effect that they're not related. However, it is literally not
possible* for a user application such as chirp to cause a blue-screen
crash. The blue screen is a kernel crash dump, and the drivers live in
the kernel.

It's clearly CHIRP doing something (legitimate) that causes the driver
to crash and result in the blue screen, but it's the driver's fault for
doing that. It's the entire point of a modern OS.

The reason you're not seeing this with the Baofeng software is just
because it's doing things in a slightly different order, which avoids
tripping over whatever is going wrong. In other words, luck.

The reason you're seeing this and others are not is likely related to
some _other_ driver or piece of hardware in your system that is either
actually faulty or is faulty when combined with the Prolific driver.

Unfortunately, the use of counterfeit devices in these
direct-from-china cables means that you can't use the latest version of
the prolific driver, with the latest set of bug fixes.

> So, I would be interested in hearing if there's a solution to this
>issue ?

There is one sure-fire way to fix it, and that's order a cable from a
reputable manufacturer (and/or use a serial cable with a known
USB-to-serial adapter). You will have a hard time finding a reputable
manufacturer for a Baofeng cable, but you will have no problem finding
one for a Kenwood radio, and it is the same pinout.

Dan Smith

*: not possible, barring defects in the Windows OS design and
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