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Mike Heitmann n0so at att.net
Mon Jan 7 07:26:20 PST 2013


I Just setup a Raspberry Pi to run D-RATS and D-RATS Repeater. I have not tried 
it, but I suspect it will run CHIRP as well. Look here:
for the D-RATS instructions.

Substitute chirp for d-rats in the instructions. If chirp is not in the 
repository, go ahead and install d-rats per the instructions, I think that will 
get you all of the things chirp depends on to run. Then download the chirp 
source tar file from here:
Get the "source tarball" file.

Unzip the tarball file to a temp directory on the RPI. Open a command line 
shell, cd to the directory you unpacked chirp in, and type:
and chirp should run. 

I may try it myself this evening.

Mike, N0SO

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I have a Raspberry Pi that I have plans to use with chirp.I wanted a 
platform that I could bring to meeting and have readily available to 
easily reprogram radios.I have setup the Pi to run on 12 volts and added 
several powered usb ports. I have read about the chirp"live" download 
for use with a computer running Windows and understand how that works.As 
a Linux newbee I have the PI up and running but have a question. Is 
there a way to setup Chirp as a running program with a automatic or 
semiautomatic upload of beta's on a Pi. I am running Raspbian version of 
Linux. Please  be easy on me as I am a beginner with Linux.
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