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Most new computers have the ability to boot from usb.  If you purchased the computer with Windows7 pre-installed, it is certainly new enough.  In some cases, the USB option will not appear in the bios unless a usb drive is plugged in.  You may try that.  Also, most computers have a one-time boot option button.  For Dell, press the F12 key when you see the Dell splash screen.  For some HP computers, press ESC at the HP splash.  Turn your computer on and look quickly at the splash screen, it should tell you, or use your favorite search engine to look for "boot from usb on <computer model>".


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I’ve already created a cd which works perfectly and today I thought I’d try creating a bootable USB stick. It all went well as per the wiki instructions but I came to a grinding halt when I discovered that my PC (Windows 7 Pro 32 bit) has no option to boot from  a USB port. It only has the C: drive, the Floppy drive (does anyone use them any more?) and the CD/DVD drive. I can’t see anywhere to add the USB to the available options, or any way to change the Floppy drive option to USB. Any suggestions?

Ken G 
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