[chirp_users] D72 export and COM10 follow up

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Wed Jan 2 18:40:28 PST 2013

> I installed today's build without issue. The D72 export issue has not 
> changed. I wait until all memories are read and select file->export.
> The progress bar quickly goes 4/5 or so to the right and then stalls.
> I exited that dialog after a few minutes. No file is created.

Okay, thanks for trying that.

> I suppose I should attempt to run chirp as native python in a
> debugger and see why the D72 doesn't export. I'm familiar with python
> but mostly scripts, no GUI apps. I'll check the wiki for Windows
> build instructions and see if I can get it going.

That's your call. You definitely get bonus points for fixing problems :)

One of the primary CHIRP developers has a D72, so if you file an issue
on the website and attach a debug log, there's a good chance he'll be
able to resolve it pretty quickly. However, if you want to take a shot
at it yourself first, feel free. Instructions for getting a native
Windows environment up and running are on the wiki. Feel free to
discuss development-related issues further on the chirp_devel mailing
list and/or on FreeNode in #chirp.


Dan Smith
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