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This may be worthwhile reading for developers:


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I am using this program on Linux as it isn't screen reader friendly anywhere else.

here's a couple of issues:
1. When importing from data sources, I cannot check or uncheck individual items
2. I cannot simply shift values down one channel (moving 3 to 2 , etc.).

I use Ubuntu 13 precise (LTS version) with all packages updated. I also use ORCA screen reader as I am blind. SO, any chance of changing this so it works a little more nicely?

btw, I am not the only blind ham around here that may have to use software to program a chinese radio (or even one of the others for that matter).. A lot of us (and there are quite a few thousand of us here in the US) would certainly appreciate it if the developer would address the accessibility issue on windows or OS X  (as not many of us use Linux). Those of us blind hams who do use Linux would certainly appreciate a few small changes in the interface to make it a little more screen reader (using ORCA or emacspeak) friendly.

there is an FAQ here: http://empowermentzone.com/NonvisualDevelopmentFAQ.htm

there is an entry for python scripting there that would make it a lot easier to understand (and setup for accessible UI structures..

in fact, heres the FAQ in question:

What tools are recommended for developing with the Python language?

Install Python from

Install the wxPython package for creating accessible GUIs from

For Windows development, install the Python for Windows extensions at

Also install py2exe, a package for building stand-alone executables from

In Python, code indentation is syntactically required rather than stylistically optional. The EdSharp editor includes features that help screen reader users manage indentation efficiently, available at


please give this your best consideration.


Eric (n7zzt)

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