[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 23 15:52:26 PST 2013

The common memory data import is already built
into Chirp. Except for fields not common to several 

different brands which will never happen, Chirp handles
.img file import into the current .img template as well as
any across the board database current can. I guess if the
Chirp codebase could be expanded to do "import from
Baofeng UV-5R into Wouxun UV-6D then it would rearrange the

fields that don't match each radio's image, would enhance
Chirp immensely. Right now it's up to the user to figure out
which channel line did not import. And that's pretty easy to
figure out and then make the changes yourself
per individual line. I've found this most problemental  when 
you have public safety frequencies intermingled with ham
radio standard simplex and repeater channels. Channel lines
not imported will be of lighter text. I forget if you can just
hover your cursor over the line and Chirp will tell you why
it can import the lines that it didn't but it might if you manually 

try to copy and past the lines that didn't import, one by one. 

That way you can make the changes yourself. I've been through
it cloning 3 different brands and currently have all 3 cloned 99% identical. 
Some settings can't be cloned because they don't exist in a certain brand
radio while they do in another. 

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Just programmed a UV-5R for a friend, worked a treat, saved a LOT of 
manually poking buttons.  Next project, to come up with a set of common 
memory data for all of my computer programmable radios, so I can 
maintain a master spreadsheet and import the data into all of my radios.
73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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