[chirp_users] Chirp + Baofeng UB-B5

Jens J. kd4tjx at yahoo.com
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I'll check for sure, but on mac, I believe this message could also be caused by using OEM drivers with counterfeit pl2303 chips, which is very common case.
The fun thing about mac drivers, is that unlike xp where you at least get an indication (error 10, etc), the fake pl2303 appear to work, install a driver, and present a port.
The key difference is that the fake pl2303 don't appear to actually send or receive any data. (Intentional on Prolific's part, this I'm sure of, judging from the way they crippled later XP drivers.)

Those having trouble and in the above scenario may wish to try out the osx-pl2303 (open source driver version) that I have recently built and packaged:

It will uninstall old drivers, as well as the oem driver.
You may need to option+right-click open in order to bypass gatekeeper on Mountain Lion or Mavericks.


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Refer to the Common Error Message section of http://www.miklor.com
Have a Safe Holiday
John K3NXU

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Just obtained new UV-B5. Works OK rf-wise.
Installed todays’s daily 20131218 for Mac. Running Mac OS 10.9.1. Python bits are installed and PL2303 driver.
Chirp loads and I can select the correct radio and port.
When I try the initial download from the new radio I get the Cloning window then 
"An error has occurred
Radio did not ack programming mode.”
Any suggestions, please?
Martin RH G8BHC

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