[chirp_users] OK, I have a Chirp question/comment

Dave C cavanadd at frontier.com
Sat Dec 14 10:17:34 PST 2013

A friend and I have Baofeng H/Ts that we have been using for the past 
couple of weeks.  They are all programmed with a Chirp file he put 
together with all of the local repeaters, plus a couple of simplex 
channels he uses for his church security.  The security channels are on 
channel 0, 1 and 2.  When I copied the Chirp file into my Anytone 
mobile, I couldn't hit the repeaters until I figured out all the channel 
numbers were offset by +1 number on the Anytone.  Apparently the Anytone 
doesn't want to have a channel #0. Once I understood what happened it 
was easy enough to offset the channel numbers in the Anytone file to get 
them where they were supposed to be.   I was wondering if this was 
normal for some radio memory registers to start with "0" and some with "1".

Also my Anytone Chirp file sometimes hangs up or freezes, while I 
haven't had any problems with the Baofeng Chirp files.  It usually 
freezes during a cut and paste operation or during an import or 
operation.  Not a huge problem but sometimes annoying.  Should I be 
downloading new daily Chirp builds?


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